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We were approached by our client to design an ancilliary building  for him to store and maintain his car & motorbike collection and to include a home office space.

 While the scope seemed initially limited,  the client made clear his passion for industrial design and aesthetics and was keen that the garage should be an extension of this passion and become a space in which he spends his spare time.

The unpretentious gable form, a response to the existing house and local ancillary buildings, allowed two defining elements to be created providing separation of the garage/workshop & office spaces. The design intends to provoke a contemporary feel using a simple material palette, while embracing elements that provide a relation back to older architectural styles familiar to the area.

The use of natural grey zinc standing seam roofing and cladding provides a modern response to local rural industrial buildings such as farm steadings and byres. Siberian Larch cladding in a rainscreen profile has been used both horizontally and vertically with minimalist junction details throughout the exterior. The cladding has been vacuum coated with a silicone system to help to accelerate the natural silvering process and generate a cohesive colour palette across the facade.

The office 'extrusion' on the south gable is provided with a natural slate roof in reference to the more domestic nature of its function and providing a link to the house and other dwellings in the area. Light is brought into the office by means of two roof windows and a glazed gable comprising of a large sliding door and triangular glazed panels above offering views out the natural pond and woodland beyond.

Internally the large garage and workshop space is a deeper extension of Mr Adams passion for practical industrial design. The walls are lined with plywood, defined by shadow gaps between boards, and punctuated by the large steel portal frame coated black to accentuate the industrial nature of the structure and volume. The space is finished off with a hardwearing polished concrete floor & finishes such as a sliding container door, reclaimed factory pendant lights and industrial style switches all of which further celebrate the industrial character of the building.

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