Single Dwelling

Bruadarach - 2019

Surrounded by open fields this new building home Bruadarach, rests within the Dee valley where a variety of rural architectural styles from traditional to contemporary are present.


The building forms and position on the site is split into a cluster of 3 masses which define the different occupations using single and 1 & 1/2 storey heights. The design, whilst evoking a modest contemporary feel, has embedded elements that provide a relation back to older agricultural buildings such as barns and farmhouses characteristic to the local area.

The dwelling comprises of various building materials which are common to the North East of Scotland, creating a uniform natural colour palette whilst giving a modern style to the building. The materials are purposely broken up by change in use or emphasising the specific element they are assigned.


t: 01330 82 3332


p: Unit 2, Scott Skinner Square, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 5SE

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