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Huntershill  is a replacement new build dwelling in Banchory, Royal Deeside. A single detached dwelling situated on a generous site with large garden grounds to the south of the property leading down to the old Banchory Railway Line.

As part of the Historic Banchory West, the location has a wide range of Architectural styles ranging from 1960's - 1980's.  All feu's both North & South are generous in size and many contain mature trees and landscaping.  

Huntershill is a bold contemporary replacement to the  previous dwelling . The site slopes considerably down to the south from approach from the road and because of the site topography the building has a 2 & 3/4 elevation including the basement level. By dividing the form and building into the natural gradient the dwelling gradually sits down into the site complementing the expansive garden grounds.


The choice of materials create a uniform natural colour palette whilst giving a contemporary feel to the building form. Materials are purposely broken up by change in either use or emphasising the specific element they are assigned to for example the granite front entrance in relation to the rear  utility block wrapping round to the rear entrance or the timber cladding dividing the render to form distinctive break out areas.

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