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single dwelling


The site for Sable is located within the Rural Village of Torphins in Aberdeenshire. Although within the village limits, the site is surrounded by open fields to the north and the old Deeside railway line to the south.


Careful consideration has been given to how the building form should look and sit on the site. Our Clients wanted a modern family home that stood out from the norm. The finished design, whilst evoking a striking contemporary feel, has elements imbedded in the scheme that provide a relation back to older agricultural buildings such as local barns and farmhouses still existing within the local area.

Sable has been designed in a Linear shaped formation and is elevated over 1 & 3/4 stories. The main body is enveloped in a black fibre cement slate facade which evokes a modern interpretation of the local vernacular and of the traditional Scottish detailing of clipped eaves. 


The single storey portion contrasts subtly in its appearance with its corrugated cor-ten steel roofing and vertical thermopine timber cladding. The corrugated cor-ten allows for a direct relation to period barn style buildings of the 19th & 20th century giving an eye-catching lure differentiating itself from neighbouring properties. In addition to this the bespoke varying width Vertical Thermopine cladding, finished in a dark ebony microtex finish, provides a striking barcode effect that ties in effectively with the fibre cement slate facade. This makes Sable a unique home within this rural setting.


It was important to the clients that the outdoor space was an extension of their home's interior. The larch pergola design allowed for the living space to seamlessly lead into the garden. 


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