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The site is located in an agricultural rural area to the north west of Fordoun, Aberdeenshire. The site benefits from stunning views across the Howe of the Mearns and its landscape is scattered with farming buildings that support the agriculture of the area.

This family dwelling has been designed with a very distinct rural agricultural aesthetic. Designed  in an L-shape plan compromising a 2-storey section to the North running North East / South West and a single-story portion running North West / South East.


The larger 2-storey section is wrapped in black corrugate cladding from 2.1m upwards and clad in a natural Scottish Larch cladding below. This coupled with the low roof pitch provides a distinct barn like form which is peppered with glazed openings on both sides while maintaining gables clear of glazing.

The smaller single storey section projects out from the 2-storey mass much akin to a smaller farm steading building and opens up its black corrugate wrapped exterior to the south, exposing a soft, warm timber clad cutaway providing an outdoor space readily accessible from the large open plan living space.

Due to start on site late 2023.

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