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Eastwood is a new build dwelling situated near the idyllic setting of the River Dee, Banchory. The Project brief was to seek planning permission that would subdivide an existing large Waterstone house feu and to erect a 1 and 3/4 family dwelling within the ample grounds.  

Careful consideration was given to how the building form should look and sit on the site. In direct response to the site and local vernacular the design philosophy took forms abundant in the area whilst adding contemporary elements to the scheme.  A simple Cross form plan provided necessary accommodation in relation to the sites aspect whilst minimising the footprint impact. The central portion running East West with a 40 degrees roof pitch makes up the primary accommodation. This drops down to a single storey main living portion with a 30 degree roof pitch as the site leads south. The glazed gable corner windows take full advantage of the southern aspect and river view but also provide a lightweight elevation reflecting the trees further down the bank.  The North side of the cross plan is of similar massing to the south but more simplistic in appearance for the garage accommodation.  


The material choice of  natural larch cladding which will weather silver over a relatively short period of time blending in to the surrounding wooded areas. This is also the case to the southern Elevations however, is broken up by larger glazed area which will reflect the surrounding greenery.


Local Granite Stonework with recessed lime point. Forms the main gable & entrance to the 1 & 3/4 portion of the house. Granite Stone is a common material to the area and specifically the site. In reference to many rural buildings in the area traditional architectural details have been designed in with a simple gable stone skews and skew ends. Stonework also is present on all sides of the southern single storey portion, acting as a solid base helping to break up the massing whilst referencing the adjacent boundary wall.

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