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Gellan - 2019

“The Wooden Hoose” sits to the north of Kerloch Hill, in an area known as "Gellan", on a single track road on the opposite side of the Water of Feugh near Banchory, Aberdeenshire.


The existing site had 2 buildings the existing steading house and a small bothy ancillary to the steading. The proposed new dwelling is located to the South of the existing steading with the principal elevations to the east, south & west, not only to take advantage of solar gain but also for the views towards the hills of both Scolty & Kerloch.


The design has elements that provide a relationship back to older farm buildings surrounding the site. The dwelling comprises of natural cladding materials and both a rusty corten and grey corrugated roof. A simple L-shaped form in plan provides necessary accommodation and living space in relation to the sites aspect whilst keeping the building footprint to a minimum and allowing for a natural secluded area to be formed in the garden to the west away from both neighbouring houses and the road. The form, roof pitch, footprint, and elevation are in direct response to the existing steading building present to the north of the site and in context to the land in which they sit.


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