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School Green

The School Green, Lasswade site was previously occupied by School Buildings which were demolished in the 1990's. 


The project comprised of the construction of a new road and 8 residential dwellings.

The design for the 8 dwellings were to split into 4 separate semi detached buildings. The school green street elevation is broken up by the varying building types / styles and has varying gaps, angles and recesses to it, an ingredient we were very much wanting to capture when setting out the building forms and layouts within the development site. The rear 1 & 3/4 storey elevations are both simple in form and material palette giving a modern architectural design with a traditional pitched roof massing sitting into the natural landscape. Given the difficult sloping nature of the Site at School Green the challenge was to create

sufficient usable, well thought out garden space for each of the proposed dwellings. 


The site looks out over the traditional small town and over the River North Esk. With local amenities surrounding the area and so provided the ideal location for a residential project and, more so, a place to bring up a family.


The form and massing was rationalised to reflect the old school building and the two principle materials of slate and sandstone were incorporated into the design. These were mixed with render and timber cladding to break up the scheme and bring a modern take on this traditional building form.


The building forms designed within the sloping site takes on a mixture of 2 and 2 & 3/4 storeys to the East Elevation. The main gable forms take on a 45 degree roof pitch with the link roof between the properties being 40 degrees with a lower ridge height to help break up the massing. To create a rational street elevation each individual dwelling is mirrored on this

pitched roof junction and relates back to the Old School Building as mentioned earlier.

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