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Strathisla is located in a residential setting within the Dee valley town of Banchory. The form, footprint, and elevations have all been designed to evoke a modern response to the surrounding street which holds numerous architectural styles and periods.


The main body of the house, running east / west with a 40 degree roof pitch, roof windows and dormers makes up the primary accommodation with a 1 & 3/4 storey massing. The garage and rear lounge create an additional wrap around form on the north east corner while the living room forms a gabled extrusion on the south face of the main body. The living area takes advantage of sunlight throughout the day thanks to a large glazed gable. This gable, along with other windows, allow light to penetrate deep into the plan throughout the year, particularly in the winter months when natural daylight is limited. 


Materials are used to purposely break up the elevations and emphasise changes in use or projections from the main, white house facade. The large projections accommodating the garage and open plan living area are wrapped in Quartz Grey Zinc Standing Seam roofing and cladding which continues to wrap around the rear corner extrusion off the main building. Vertical larch cladding with mid grey vacuum coating is used to differentiate smaller projections from the main form. The principal entrance, dormers and the external wall to the rear lounge provide a contrasting break in materials between the extruded forms and the different purpose of the spaces within.


The whole building benefits from a factory-injected insulated timber frame with detailing that reduces heat loss & cold bridging whilst increasing air tightness, reducing the CO2 footprint and heating bills. The heating system, in conjunction with a Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery unit will help reduce the energy requirements for this family home.

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